Welcome to Advance Saraswati Prakashan

Advance Saraswati Prakashan Pvt. Ltd, is one of Nepal's largest publishers and distributors, starting its phenomenal journey from Tinkune, Kathmandu more than five years ago. As the company has grown, it has redefined the rules of Nepalese publishing, finding and promoting quality content in Science, Management, and Education as well as other related fields. Our success is due not only to our loyal base of authors and readers, but also as a consequence of teamwork and dedication. As we continue on this remarkable journey, we hope to remain the publisher of choice, providing as we do, a wide selection of great books that will entertain, engage, move, and delight.


Advance Saraswati Prakashan is a Nepalese publishing house with its headquarters in Kathmandu. It has risen considerably as one of Nepal's major publishers of School and Campus textbooks since its establishment in 2016. Organic and acquisition and strategic partnerships have enabled the organization to grow. We believe in enhancing the Nepalese education system, thereby building a strong link between schools, teachers, students and even parents. With the creation of an e-learning platform, teachers have standard teaching resources available on their devices to better guide them.

Managing Director

Jeevan Mainali