Terms & Condition

Terms & Condition

Publication and Distributor Terms & Conditions


In these terms and conditions, “Publisher” means Advance Saraswati Prakashan Pvt. Ltd., whose registered office is in Sankhamul, Kathmandu and “Distributor” means the party, or any agent acting on their behalf, who makes an order of books and related product with the Publisher.

(These terms and conditions shall apply to all distributors which the parties has asked the Publisher to publish in any of their products and by making such an order, the distributor agrees to be bound by these terms.)


All orders must be made in via phone or social media and submitted in accordance with the Publisher’s instructions. The Publisher is not obliged to accept any order and is entitled to reject any order at its sole discretion, in which case the Publisher will confirm the distributor as soon as possible after receipt of the order if it's made via social media.

Delivery Times 

Our order will be processed and dispatched within 3 working days in normal situation.

Delivery Costs 

The publishers are allowed to charge the costs of delivery as per the cost provided by the Transport Company or buses. This will be notifying to the distributor by publication within 2-3 working days. After booking in such transportation means there is the liability to distributor for the  receiving that product in time.

Issuing Credit 

We can issue credit after having some transaction and with mutual understanding and having contract but if the publishers feel it is risky to provide the credit facility to the distributor will not allow the facility.

Return Policy

i. The return policy of every textbook is before 1 month if the stock is above 5% of billing quantity. The product will be deducted till the date of 15 days of examination held including 5% stock only. If the distributor returned the product after the deadline provided by the publishers will not be able to deduct and also publisher reserves the right to charge the distributor for any additional costs incurred by the transportation.

ii. If the publishers need any particular product within the determined time will not came in time will not be returned before and after of examination.

iii. Product will not be returned in case of damage, loss by fire or any kind of loss from the side of distributor.

iv. If syllabus will change then only the goods will be returned in mutual understanding.


The Distributors must pay the Publisher on placing an order, unless the Publisher agrees to credit payment terms, which it shall do so at its sole discretion. The Publisher’s credit payment terms are strictly 30- 45 days from the date of the invoice. Without prejudice to any other rights or remedies, the Publisher reserves the right to charge interest on any overdue amounts. In the event that the distributor fails to pay any sums due on time, the publisher reserves the right to suspend its performance of its obligations under these terms and /or to terminate the contract with immediate effect.

Note: This rules and regulations will be applied for both the parties.