Principles of Accounting- English Grade 11

  • Author: Dr. Dilip Parajuli, Mahendra Singh Mahara, Bishnu P. Gyawali, Pradip Kumar Bhagat, Nabaraj Sharma, Hom Nath Bhattarai, Bhawani Prasad Paudel
  • ISBN: 978-9937-744-26-3
  • Version: english
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This book, Principles of Accounting-I, is written for the students of Grade 11 of Secondary Education Board of Nepal. We, the team of authors have used our professional experiences to respond the demands of the way constantly–changing corporate world, opportunities generated by new teaching-learning technologies, and a greater-than-before understanding of how students learn. In this text book, we have drawn from what we believe to be the most hopeful advances in accounting instruction.