Statistical Methods- MBS, MPA, MBA

  • Author: Tark Raj Bhatta, Kapil Shah, Prajeet K. Timalsina, M.P. Jaiswal (Pratik), P.L Dhamala
  • ISBN: 978–9937–9387–8–5
  • Version: english
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As an academic subject, Statistical Methods have been a popular decisional science. It has a high degree of importance in the areas of research and it is valuable as a decision–making tool for policy makers and business managers. This book is prepared and designed with the sole objective of studying statistical tools in an  interesting and practical manner. The basic feature of this book lies in the fact that it strictly includes the specified contents of the revised course of study designed for MBS first year by Tribhuvan University. Moreover it is helpful for the students studying MBA, MPA, MRD, MHM and M.Ed. of various universities.